Take some time to read what partners and colleagues have said about our collaboration. 

Ariadne is a natural at coaching. Many of the cases she has been assigned require a sensitivity and approach that in my opinion, few can provide so well. Ariadne has this in abundance. It is coupled with a self-awareness, authority and integrity that carries over to being able to coach any type of individual that is open to the process. Ariadne is a consummate professional who strives to improve both herself and those around her in order to improve all aspects of the organization she works for. I believe Ariadne is one of the top-ranked coaches in Athens at the moment and will improve even further.


I have been working with Ariadne for the past 8 months at the Praksis Business Coaching Center, an entrepreneurial training hub primarily sponsored by the US Embassy. Even though we are under the umbrella of an established institution, the Business Coaching Center operated and still operates as a not-for-profit start-up. 
In my 20 year old career as an entrepreneur I have encountered very few executives, teammates, or people in general that are capable of bringing their A game day in, day out to their working group or to their company. Ariadne belongs to that rare breed of people who relentlessly bring valuable insights to the table. Many times during our team meetings, I just sat back and enjoyed her talk about the issue at hand, mesmerized by her holistic grasp of the problem and her uncanny ability to clearly communicate her point(s) to the rest of the group. She possesses the right amount of empathy with superb analytical and communication skills, something that makes her a remarkable coach, and most of all a loving and caring teammate.



Take some time to read what clients said about their coaching experience. Please bare in mind that I am bound to protect my client’s anonymity by my profession’s code of conduct.

I consulted Ariadne during a turbulent period. The market was deep into the economic crisis, everybody was cutting costs and consolidating. I had to advance my career and everything was so volatile. I felt like I was walking on moving sand. Ariadne helped me step on solid ground, confront my fears and anxieties. Listened, intervened, addresses the “elephant in the closet”. Facilitated my decisions to move forward, to make the career transition I needed. Her deep and authentic approach was a key enabler of my change. A change I needed and I deserved. 

TP, Sales & Marketing

There are moments in life when you are standing before crucial crossroads, moments in time when you struggle with your thoughts and you have a hard time getting your mind straight. In some cases, no matter how thought effort you put in, the results are not equally rewarding. I’m happy to have met and worked with Ariadni at a moment like the aforementioned. Not only she has asked the right questions and fruitfully challenged me, but also she leaned into my issue and eventually helped me to unwind my thought thread, coaching me to take the right decisions for me.

KA, FMCG Marketing

I’ve been working for the last couple of years with Ariadne on my personal development, a relationship that I have found very engaging and beneficial to me as a Financial Services professional. Ariadne, due to her extensive corporate HR experience >10 years is well equipped as a Coach to address developmental issues in the context of the modern corporate environment. I’m very happy that I ran into Ariadne and I’d wholeheartedly recommend her as a professional.

CK, Financial Services

It was so important to have a person in front of me who helped me sort my thoughts out, “listen” to my feelings, put priorities to the the things I want, and see where I am now and where I want to go.

ZK, Dance Teacher

It is difficult to understand the benefits of coaching until you really get into it, until you find a coach that you can work with and help you move to the next level.

For me coaching with Ariadne was what helped me see myself more objectively. During the period we worked together I was able to recognize what was blocking my professional growth. Her presence, guidance and striking interventions helped me really see my self-limiting beliefs and move beyond them. She helped me improve the way I engage with my colleagues and my team and taught me the art of listening, the power of giving and receiving clear feedback and guidance.

For me my executive coaching experience was about empowerment…. It helped me achieve to get more from my team and give more back.

Evenmore, the process did not stop there.. because once you start you enter into an ongoing process of professional and personal development with impact into your professional and personal life.

MP, Business Development & Strategy

Ariadne became my coach for about 3 months, after a strange personal phase I went through where I was unsure on how to go about my career.  Through our weekly meetings, focused coaching activities and honest discussions, we managed to reframe where I am today.  Ariadne helped me get to know “me” better, as well as become a lot more observant of others around me so that I can use this information to re frame the situations I was in.  Three months ahead, I have a clear plan of what I want and where I want to go.

I value greatly the relationship that Ariadne and I built, the flow of communication between us, it’s immediacy and frankness.  I looked forward to our weekly sessions and was always excited when Ariadne assigned me with coaching homework.

Dimitris P., Software Engineer